Our Favorite Oscar’s Looks

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Our Favorite Oscar’s Looks - Le Palais Hair Lounge

Our Favorite Oscar’s Looks Let’s be real, the reason we all tune into the Oscars is for that fashion! Although I shared my favorite looks on Instagram and Facebook, I figured I’d indulge in my top favorite and talk about a few things we can do to achieve the same look. I mean, minus the hundred thousand dollar dresses, of course.

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

One word: Glitter!!! I have to admit; I’m a total sucker for anything sparkly. Why can’t we all just wear glitter eye shadow every day?! If you haven’t tried the elf products, you totally should! I got their Rose Gold palette a couple of weeks ago, and I fell in love!! It has all the same glittery goodness that Lady Gaga rocked on the red carpet.

2. Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae

She’s a natural beauty, and I can’t get over it. I had to go with Janelle Monae for so many reasons. Let’s start with the cutie pixie she’s gotten going on. Headband? So Grecian and I love it!! Her makeup is totally understated, going with all neutral tones, including her nude lip, which I love, and her earrings are the perfect statement piece. All of those black and gold tones really compliment Janelle’s perfect skin tone.

3. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Talk about a killer pixie!! I mean, she got the shaved sides/back and everything! Even more than that, I love this picture of her because you can see the way she’s rocking it!! Her pale skin with pinky undertones is a perfect match for this pink chiffon gown. Then they went above and beyond by bringing it out in her pink lips! I absolutely love this look.

4. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

All hail red heads everywhere. Ok if you have naturally red hair, but it’s not as vibrant as this, you need to come in and let us spruce it up! This red is the perfect shade!! Emma’s make up totally understated with a pop of red lips. I wish my lips looked like this good; they’re perfectly plump!

5. Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss

The hairstylist in me had to pick Karlie Kloss for those amazing Hollywood glam waves. She and Emma Roberts wore similar hair with both having one side tucked behind the ear. I love her twist on the red lip, using a more salmon color. I also can’t get away without mentioning that cheek highlight.

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