Frequently Asked Questions

About the Hair Salon


It's not necessary but if you do, it will not affect the end result.

Between 4-12 weeks depending on the length of hair.

Specifique, Densifique, Thickening or full potential line.

We understand that schedules might change so just call us or email us and we will reschedule your appointment.

It depends. A stylist will discuss timing during the consultation.

We are located in Brielle, NJ. It depends where you live.

Prices can be discussed after consultation with our great lengths specialist.

You should brush your hair to avoid tangles and stimulate your scalp.

Yes, different brushes might be used depending on the hair texture.


You can't really make your hair thicker but certain products will give it the feeling and the appearance of being fuller and thicker and healthier to avoid breakage.

About the Beauty Salon

Prices vary. They can be discussed during the consultation.

No sides effects but some people might be sensitive to it.

No, but make sure your stylist is properly trained to avoid any damage to your hair.

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