We use only the finest products in the industry. These products are designed to enhance the natural beauty of the hair while maintaining its complete well being and also giving you versatility in your styling needs. We feel these lines are a perfect addition to our culture and values.

Bumble & Bumble is a line of craft hairdressing products. The company originated as a boutique hair salon in NYC, founded by hairdresser and entrepreneur Michael Gordon. The salon opened in 1977, and ranked among the top 10 hair salons in the country only a year later.

Kerastase is a high-end line of hair products under the L’Oreal brand and sold exclusively by select hair salons such as La Palais Hair Lounge. The company was started in 1964 by Frenchman FranciosDalle and has been making hair products since 1967 targeting a variety of common hair problems including hair loss, dry/oily scalp, dry ends and dry hair.

Feed, Fortify, Finish™ is our holistic approach to healthy beauty. Our supplements, skin care and makeup work synergistically in helping you achieve a beautiful complexion that is nourished, nurtured and naturally radiant—skin beauty inside and out.

Our founder Paula Kent revolutionized the professional Haircare industry for both stylists and clients. Her dedication to science and her pioneering spirit helped make the brand what it is today.

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