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Bumble And Bumble

Bumble & Bumble is a line of craft hairdressing products. The company originated as a boutique hair salon in NYC, founded by hairdresser and entrepreneur Michael Gordon. The salon opened in 1977, and ranked among the top 10 hair salons in the country only a year later. After 12 years in the business, Bumble& Bumble decided to develop its own hair care line beginning with the trademark product: B&B Brilliante. In 2002 (another 12 years later), B&B officially opened Bb.U (Bumble & Bumble University) to train professional stylists in the art of haircutting, coloring, razorcraft, and hair styling.

Now that we’ve covered a bit about the history of B&B, feel free to browse product pages if you have specific questions or concerns regarding a particular B&B product.

Le Palais Hair Lounge uses and supports B&B’s products because we believe they are some of the best ones out there. All of Le Palais’ hair stylists are licensed by Bumble & Bumble University, so feel free to call and speak with one of our stylists if you still have questions.

To save you some time, (and because we have answered thousands of questions relating to B&B’s hair products in the past) we’ve compiled our own personal FAQ below:


Super Gentle/Rich




Hairdressers Invisible Oil

BB Curl

Color Illuminated


Prêt-à-powder Dry Shampoo

Sumo Line


Frequently Asked Questions

Bumble has three sulfate free shampoos. Color Minded shampoo, which is dedicated to keeping all tones true and prevents fading. Straight shampoo is sulfate free and safe to use after having a Keratin Treatment. Last but not least, Invisible Oil shampoo maximizes moisture in the hair, has UV protection, and is sulfate free.

Bumble & Bumble is committed to the elimination of animal testing and do NOT conduct animal testing on their products or ingredients.

We are pleased to report that all of Bumble’s aerosols are compliant with the most stringent environmental requirements in the world. B&B does not use CFCs in any of its products.

To protect your hair from the sun’s rays, use Hairdressers Invisible Oil and primer. Both of these products have UV and heat protection to insure your hair remains healthy even in the hot sun.

While Prep and Tonic Lotion are both foundation sprays, meaning they both help detangle hair and are good refreshers for next day styling.
However, they do have a few differences. Tonic Lotion gets it’s scent from tea tree oil and is slightly moisturizing than prep lotion, meaning it’s better for people with dry hair.

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Kathy V

This salon is awesome. My first time today and I was extremely happy. The salon is very, very clean and sanitary. The staff is wonderful. Cosette colored, highlighted and cut my hair, she did a phenomenal job of correcting my color. I will not hesitate to go back. If you haven't been to this salon, you should really try it, 5 stars all the way ! 

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