Extreme Line

Extreme Shampoo

Shampoo for damaged hair that helps reduce breakage and split ends.

Redken Extreme Hair Strengthening Shampoo
Redken Extreme Hair Strengthening Conditioner

Extreme Conditioner

Conditioner for damaged hair that helps reduce breakage and split ends.

Extreme Mega Mask

Rinse out treatment with intense conditioning benefits for damaged hair.

Redken Extreme Mask
Redken Extreme Cat Protein

Extreme Cat Treatment

This rinse out protein reconstructing treatment strengthens and prevents breakage.

Extreme Anti Snap Anti Breakage Leave In Treatment

Strengthens and protects shine, fortifies hair to reduce breakage, split ends and mechanical damage from brushing.

Redken Extreme Anti Snap Breakage Live In Hair Treatment
Redken Extreme Play Safe

Extreme Play Safe

Multi benefit treatment, leave in conditioner, and heat protectant spray for hair that repairs hair damage.

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Jes mcKevitt

Love them! So professional, and everyone goes above and beyond to give you the look you want. Highly recommended!! 🙂

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