5 Habits That Are Actually Hurting Your Skin

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5-Habits-That-Are-Actually-Hurting-Your-SkinWe’ve all got some bad habits, don’t we? Statistics show that in just 30 days you can make or break a habit, so I’ve gathered up 5 of the worst ones for your skin that you might be making – some of which you might not even be conscious of! Make sure you’re not making any of these silly little mistakes listed in my blog! They could be harming your skin’s beautiful glow.

1. Sleeping with Makeup On

Sleeping-With-Makeup-OnThis is the worst and most common mistake of all! Sleeping with concealer and powders caked on all over your face is literally blocking your pores. It’s not just your brain that needs to shut down every night. Your skin also needs this time of rest to breathe and stay healthy! By keeping your lashes all clumped up with mascara throughout the night, you’re actually causing yourself to lose more! This one is an easy fix – keep makeup wipes close by. Put a pack inside your nightstand so even if you do forget, and you’re too lazy to get back out of bed, you can grab a wipe and clean yourself up before you go to sleep for the night!

2. Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Not-Cleaning-Your-Makeup-BrushesYuck! This isn’t one you’re going to want to hear, but so many teeny-tiny microscopic bacteria live on your makeup brushes. Even grosser than that, your dead skin cells build up on your foundation sponges! Germs love dark, wet places, and keeping your brushes at the bottom of your makeup bag (and almost never cleaning them) is actually allowing more and more germs to grow. You need to break those brushes out, clean them out, and leave them out for good! Try decorating a cute little mason jar to put your brushes in and display them on your makeup vanity or near your bathroom sink!

3. Smoking

Smoking-Le-Palais-Hair-LoungeThankfully over the years, statistics have shown the number of smokers in the U.S. have gone way, way down! I’m sure we have all heard of the terrible health hazards that come with smoking, but you should know that it’s also terrible for your skin! Cigarette smoke contains carbon dioxide, which dehydrates your skin and in turn, causes you to wrinkle faster! There are more than 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, which trigger the destruction of elastin and collagen. Smokers tend to develop lines around the lips, get age spots, and overall age prematurely. None of this is to offend anyone who does smoke, I’m just putting these facts out there for those who do not know! If you do quit smoking, blood flow will improve and your skin will receive more oxygen and nutrients.

4. Not Drinking Enough Water

Not-Drinking-Enough-WaterThis one is super, super important! Did you know you’re supposed to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day? Well, you are!!! Keeping hydrated is the key ingredient to beautiful skin. It is crucial for you to hydrate from the inside out, drinking lots of water will flush out your entire system, including your skin! Water has the ability to rid your skin of impurities and cause your skin to look clearer than ever! An easy way to break this bad habit is to keep track of how much water you’re drinking – there are plenty of free apps you can download that will even track it for you! I recommend keeping a water bottle with you at all times, whether in your purse, in your car, or at your desk!

5. Touching Your Face

Touching-Your-FaceEvery makeup artist you meet will tell you to never apply makeup directly with your hands because of all of the dirt and bacteria on your hands! Think about it, we touch everything with our hands – door knobs, shopping carts, money, etc. These are some of the germy-est things in the world! These nasty germs won’t just give you bad skin, they can also make you sick. It is so important not to touch your face! If you think you can’t resist, just be sure to keep conscious of what you’re touching and how often you’re washing your hands.

I hope these tips have opened your eyes to some bad habits you might have picked up. If you’re sure to cut these out of your life, your skin will surely thank you for it. Above all, it is important to know your skin type. Not all products are the same, just as not everyone’s skin is the same! To jump-start your new skin care routine, you can refer back to my previous blog about ways to achieve a more beautiful you overnight. Whatever habits you choose to make or break, just remember you’re beautiful no matter what!

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