5 Reasons Every Woman Should Experience a Boudoir Session

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Boudoir Session

We’ve all seen these pictures online, women we may or may not know looking absolutely perfect in every picture. I bet the thought of stripping down to your knickers in front of a total stranger sounds terrifying and you’ve probably convinced yourself you don’t need one or you won’t look good — Well I’m here to tell you just the opposite! I’ve done my research and I’ve decided to simplify it down to the top 5 reasons why every woman should have their own boudoir session, and they all start and end with YOU!

1. You will Feel Amazing!

You-Will-Feel-Amazing-Le-Palais-Hair-Salon-NjIt’s not about sex, it’s about feeling sexy!  Showing them off to your friends or posting them online is a confidence boost in and of itself!! You’ll be all glammed up dressed in your hottest lingerie, looking the youngest you’ve ever been! When you get to see your pictures for the first time, you will be blown away!

2. Pamper Yourself

Pamper-Yourself-Le-Palais-Hair-Salon-NjHaving full-on hair and makeup done will make you feel like a total celebrity!! You get to tell your stylist all about it and pump yourself up the hours before your shoot! Everyone will tell you how gorgeous you are as you walk out the door and by the time you get there, you will be so ready to go!

3. It’s a Great Gift for You!

Its-A-Great-Gift-For-You-Le-Palais-Hair-Salon-NjAre you celebrating a milestone? Birthday coming up? Anniversary? Newly engaged? Just had a baby? Heck, even a breakup or divorce! Celebrate yourself and this beautiful body you’ve been given!!

4. You Get to Go Shopping

You-Get-To-Go-Shopping-Le-Palais-Hair-Salon-Nj(My personal favorite) It is the perfect excuse to be a little frivolous! You get to spend a couple of hours in the store trying things on and finding the perfect something you feel your best in! What could possibly be better than that?

5. Push Your Boundaries and Find Yourself

As women, we are our own worst enemies. We are constantly nitpicking our self-perceived flaws and comparing ourselves to women on social media and magazines. No matter how many self-help books we read, we can’t seem to silence that tiny voice in our heads telling us “you’re not good enough”. It’s time to tell that voice to just shut up! Nothing will be a better proof of how beautiful you really are than these pictures.

Push-Your-Boundaries-And-Find-Yourself-Le-Palais-Hair-Salon-NjAs cliché as it sounds, we are made of all shapes and sizes! Trust in your photographer to make you look your most beautiful, most feminine self! You will thank yourself one day when you’re looking at these pictures saying “wow, I used to look like that”.

Thank you for reading and I hope to have opened your mind to trying something new! I’ve attached the link to a photographer we recommend if you’d like to check them out! If you do decide to schedule your special day, be sure to make a hair and makeup appointment with one of the lovely ladies of Le Palais!!


LoBoudoir Photography | website:   loboudoir.com  | 201-926-0095

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