Stylin’ at the Lounge with a Full Makeover

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The main focus at Le Palais Hair Lounge is to provide a relaxing environment for our clients and welcome them in such a way that makes them feel at home. We are proud to say that our guests are what bring us together as a family.

Goodbye Nail Area

We began planning the remodel for our salon in the spring of 2014 to fill the unused space in the salon and offer a better overall experience for our guests. The entire staff worked together in brainstorming ideas about the use of additional space. We went through countless options and finally decided on making the unused nail area our new break room. Our old break room would be opened up to the rest of the salon by removing an entire wall. By doing this, we knew we would have much more room to work in the color area. And by rearranging the stations we’d be able to add another one and give the appearance of a bigger space at the same time.

Hello Color

After we put our plan in place, we contacted John Janusz Home Improvements. John informed us that the salon would have to be closed for two weeks for this renovation. In addition to being closed, a rough inspection was required. We feared that the salon would not be ready in time for the rough inspection, being that there were only four days to prep the salon for it. Another stressful factor was that there were only two weeks to complete everything we were hoping to do. Was two weeks really enough time to pull this off?

On July 12th, 2014 we reopened our doors to a brand new salon. To everyone’s amazement, the salon was completely finished and looking better than ever! In two short weeks and the hard work of 9 focused people, we passed the rough inspection and didn’t face any major obstacles.

While the workers of John Janusz Home Improvements were tearing down walls, the Foxxr team worked hard to get this new website up and running just in time for our Grand Re-opening.

Everyone is loving the new arrangements and décor, and we couldn’t be happier!

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Le Palais Hair Lounge

Sashia Torres is owner of Le Palais Hair Lounge, one of the top salons in New Jersey. Her passion for the industry comes from the diversity that allows us to be who we really are. To envision something in your mind and create it the same exact way you imagined. Establishing a salon was just another step that would allow stylists to have a great time doing what they loved to do but still keeping it a structured, professional atmosphere.

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