5 Summer Hair and Skin Mistakes You’re Bound To Make

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With summer weather on its way and Memorial Day Weekend in full swing, the last thing in your mind is your hair and skin. You’re probably planning barbeques, summer trips, and beach days. Many would agree that living at the Jersey Shore is without a doubt a wonderful thing, just remember to avoid neglecting your hair and skin during this sunny season!

We decided to take a poll at the salon today. What summer-related hair and skin issues do we see on a daily basis from our clients? What are some things we wish we took into consideration before sitting poolside for the entire afternoon? What can we do to educate and inform our clients about summer hair care?

The 5 most common hair and skin mistakes made in the summer” by beach goers, swimmers, and those that love the sun are exactly what we came up with. These are issues that our stylists and makeup artists see way too frequently while our clients indulge in the Jersey Shore lifestyle.

1. Forgetting to apply sun block

Come on, who HASN’T heard this one a million times? Why is it that so many people still don’t protect their skin from the sun’s rays? Is it because we don’t even know what to look for when choosing sun screen? What is SPF anyway…?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The number after your SPF allows you to be protected for that many times longer than if you were wearing no sun block. For example, SPF 15 gives you roughly 150 minutes in the sun if you would normally burn in 10 minutes. Of course, this is based off of your skin type and the strength of the sun that day.

Moral of the story, protect your skin with sunscreen. Your skin is an organ, just like your heart. It is actually the largest organ of the body. Do what you can to keep is safe and prevent the dreaded WRINKLES!

2. Pulling your hair up into a tight pony tail while it’s wet

We’ve all been here. Just got out of the pool and your hair is dripping all over you…not to mention that water trickling down your back is FREEZING! What most people don’t realize is that your hair is similar to an elastic band. It stretches, especially when it’s wet. Once your hair is secured by that pony tail and tries to dry and retract…BOOM, it snaps. To prevent breakage around your hairline from that pesky hair tie, towel dry your hair as much as possible before putting it up. Also, try to loosen up. Instead of forcing the hair tie around a third time, (and almost breaking your fingers), only wrap it around twice!

3. Forgetting to stay hydrated

With all the festivities summer brings, it can be so easy to forget to drink extra water. Factors like exercise, heat, and alcohol consumption all can be dehydrating. Everyone knows the health benefits of drinking water, just don’t forget how much it affects your hair and skin! The recommended amount is half your body weight in ounces.

4. Going for a swim with dry hair

Do you hate how malnourished your hair feels after you go to the pool or ocean? Try applying a leave-in conditioner to your hair BEFORE you go swimming. The leave-in conditioner will act as a barrier to the chlorinated/salty water and prevent it from turning your hair to straw. Your hair will absorb it before it even gets a chance to soak up the chlorine or salt. This works wonders for blondes who suffer with green tones from the pool as well. We recommend using Bumble & bumble’s Crème De Coco Masque!

5. Neglecting your eyelids and lips

Since your eyelids are so thin and your lips so sensitive, don’t forget to protect them from the sun, too! Apply a light moisturizer with SPF to your eyelids to prevent them from burning. (It’s one of the first places people forget to apply!) Did you know they make chap stick with SPF as well? Never again will you leave the beach with cracked, chapped lips! Your makeup will be flawless for a night out, even after you’ve enjoyed the sun all day.

We hope you found these tips helpful! Keep your hair and skin looking perfect all summer long

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