Goals and Resolutions for 2017

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Goals And Resolutions For 2017 - Le Palais Hair Lounge

Happy New Year, ladies! I cannot believe it is officially 2017. If you didn’t already know, I’m getting married this year!!! It seems like something I’ve only ever dreamed about but in a few short months, it will be a reality! Well, with a brand new year, comes brand new goals. With my wedding ahead of me, I’ve got quite a few on my list that I’d like to share with you in case you’re looking to better yourself in 2017 as well!

1. Stay Organized

Stay Organized

This is a big one for me with the year I have ahead of me! Between classes, wedding plans, work, life, etc…things can get crazy! Call me old fashioned but I love to carry around a weekly planner. I’ve already purchased my 2017 planner and have it all setup! I write everything down or else I really will forget. I still use my iPhone to keep track of things, but I’ve never been one to put all of my trust into technology. Nothing beats pen and paper to stay on top of your to-do lists!

2. Be Healthier

Be Healthier - Le Palais Hair Lounge

I know this sounds like quite the cliché but, hey, I’m only human! I’m not ashamed to say I want to look (and feel) great in my wedding dress! I’m not talking about depriving myself of pizza for the next six months. I just mean to start making some healthier choices. Drinking more water, eating more veggies, and taking the stairs never hurt anybody!

3. Learn More

Learn More - Le Palais Hair Lounge

I speak on behalf of all of us at Le Palais when I say, I can’t get enough of learning! It’s a serious goal of ours for at least one of us to attend one class per month! Trends are always changing, especially in this industry! We feed off of our education because it keeps us up to date. These aren’t any plain old math class; hairstylists host the best classes by far…they even include frequent dance breaks! I’ll be attending a class at Bumble and Bumble in NYC next week actually — starting off the new year right and I cannot wait!

4. Save Money

Save Money - Le Palais Hair Lounge

Isn’t this everyone’s goal? I’m all for spending money and having a good time (as I think we all should!), but I do also enjoy saving some money. House hunting and weddings don’t pay for themselves. About 5 years ago I read an idea on Pinterest called a “5 Dollar Jar,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Someone came up with the brilliant idea of saving up all their $5 bills! It sounds crazy, but they don’t come as frequently as singles or twenties. When I did this the first time, by the end of the year, I was able to put half in the bank, and I purchased myself my first iPad with the other half! This time around, we plan on using our $5 jar for the honeymoon! I’m telling ya, grab an old mason jar and try it out for 6 months! Come summer time, you’ll have a couple of extra bucks to spend on vacay!

5. Grow My Hair

Grow My Hair - Le Palais Hair Lounge

I’m known to usually rock a long bob. I love the way it looks on me with funky beach waves. With the wedding coming up, I’d really like to have my hair a little longer in order to put it up for the big day! I’ve done all my research and followed my own advice from previous blogs. Along with applying Bumble and Bumble’s Full Potential serum every morning, I’ve also started taking biotin daily, as well as doing frequent hair masques. Believe it or not, my hair has grown over one inch a month! If you’ve been paying attention to me, you know that hair only grows an average of 1/4 inch per month, so this is a huge deal! I do plan on keeping up with my new regimen, along with getting regular haircuts, and we’ll see where I’m at by the end of the year!

2016 was by far one of the best years ever for me, so I’m really looking forward to how 2017 is going to top it!! I hope through today’s blog I’ve inspired you to sit down, think about where you’re at and where you’d like to be! Set some goals for yourself and watch yourself crush ’em!

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