Top 5 Googled Beauty Questions in 2016

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Google Trends just released the MOST Googled beauty questions in 2016. Apparently, people still don’t know what balayage is! As hairstylists, it’s our job to educate our clients on all thing’s beauty, but I get it, sometimes it can be intimidating to ask questions! I promise we don’t bite! In case you’re still too nervous to speak up, I’ve got ya covered.

1. How to Do a Fish Tail Braid?

Fish Tail Braid - Le Palais Hair Lounge, Nj

This is one even hairstylists struggle with sometimes. I’m the first to say that braiding is not my strong suit. Fish tails are most simply done when you start off with the hair in a low pony tail. Split the pony tail into two sides, grab a tiny piece of hair from the back of one side and wrap the same piece around the front of the other side. Continue by alternating sides until you get to the bottom and tie it off! At this point, you’re finished and have the option of removing the first pony tail or not! Fairly easy, so try it out!

2. How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Hair Grow Faster - Le Palais Hair Lounge, Nj

I’ve mentioned this in a couple of blogs now, but it’s always good to give a refresher! Although there’s no scientifically proven way to make your hair grow faster, there are quite a few tricks, we’ve tried ourselves! To list a few of my favorites – castor oil, Biotin supplements, and of course, getting haircuts!

-Women all over the world are swearing by castor oil, which I go into much more detail about in a previous blog. Simply apply castor oil to your scalp, rub it in, and let it work its magic – do this as often as desired!

-The recommended daily dose of biotin is 2,500 mcg. This is the most popular trick for not only growing your hair, but keeping your hair healthy, as well as your skin and nails.

-Haircut, haircut, haircut! You had to know I’d mention this one! The best way to grow your hair is to keep trimming your hair! It’s so important to keep removing your dead/split ends and making sure your hair is healthy from roots to ends!

3. What Is Balayage?

Balayage - Le Palais Hair Lounge, Nj

This is a question we hear almost every day inside the salon! If you have any form of social media, you’ve read the word “balayage” at least a million times. First of all, how do you even say it? It’s properly pronounced (bah-lay-aj). Now, what the heck is it?? Balayage is actually a French word that means “hair painting” and that’s exactly what it is! Instead of traditional highlighting with foils, balayage is applied free hand. That means there’s no foils involved. Colorists may often use plastic wrap in order to separate highlights and/or keep the lightening product moist (once it dries out, it stops processing). Is balayage any different? Though there are pros and cons to every highlighting technique, balayage is extremely popular due to the fact that the grow out process is much more subtle. That means there will not be a harsh line of contrast between your natural hair and your highlights. Next time you’re in, ask your stylist if balayage is right for you! (Friendly reminder: Consultations at Le Palais are completely free! Give us a call or stop in for more info from a professional whenever you’d like.)

4. How to Clean Makeup Brushes?

Make Up Brushes - Le Palais Hair Lounge, Nj

I know I’ve talked about this one before because unfortunately, it’s often a missed step for us ladies! Cleaning our brushes is easier than you think! Simply pick up a bottle of brush disinfectant from your local drug store, pour some in a shallow bowl or dish, and swirl your brushes in along the bottom. The disinfectant is often blue in color, like what you see on our stations in the salon. You’ll know your brushes are clean when the blue starts to change to a darker, cloudier color. How often should you be cleaning your brushes? As a general rule of thumb, if you use them daily, they should be cleaned every day.

5. How to Get Rid of Dark Circles?

Dark Circles - Le Palais Hair Lounge, Nj

First of all – why do we even get dark circles under our eyes? It’s actually genetics that is to blame! If your parents have hyper-pigmentation, especially in this area, it’s likely that you will too. The best way to get rid of (and prevent) these pesky dark circles, is moisturizing! It’s key to find a good moisturizer to apply every night before bed. Some women are still putting frozen spoons under their eyes – I mean, it’s worth a shot, right?!

Another solution is one that seems nearly impossible, and one that we don’t want to hear, and that is getting more sleep and staying out of the sun, or at least wearing sunscreen. Be sure not to touch your eyes too much either, this can irritate them, causing them to look even worse than they really are.

This just so happens to be my last blog of 2016! I can’t believe it’s been four months now that I’ve been blogging weekly. This is something I’ve always, always wanted to do and only used to dream about. The day I was asked to take on this huge task I was filled with joy because I was finally given a platform of loyal fans who would follow along with me on this journey! I’m so very thankful for your continued support, and I look forward to what’s to come in 2017!

Happy New Year Beauties!

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