Reasons to Have a Bridal Trial Before the Big Day

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Bridal Trial - Le Palais Nj

Wedding season is officially upon us!! Around here at Le Palais, we love brides. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Not only with your hair and makeup, but also in making sure your day goes as perfectly and as smoothly as possible! When you have your hair done in the salon on your wedding day, we so much as have your mimosas, bagels, coffee, tea, and fruits ready! It’s our way of especially thank you for letting us join in on the fun on your special day! A big question on our bride’s mind is “do I really need a bridal trial?” I’m here to tell you why you definitely do need a bridal trial!!!

1. Discuss Ideas or Possibilities

Discuss Ideas - Wedding Hair Salon Nj

These are often times the longest part of your trial. It may seem like we’re asking too many questions but trust us, they’re all necessary! You have time to sit with your stylist and talk about this vision you have in mind. Sometimes we get these unrealistic ideas and to be honest; it’s really nice to have somebody reel us in. I know we’d all love to look like a Victoria’s Secret model but hey. We don’t all have that kind of hair (or extensions)!!! So it’s awesome to talk through what’s really going to be achievable for what we’re working with.

2. Try New Things

Try New Things - Le Palais Hair Lounge Nj

This is the appointment to have fun with! So many times we’ve seen brides walk into the salon wanting one thing and leaving with something completely different. It happens more than you think!! When you and your stylist are taking time to play with your hair and collaborate, you can really come up with a hairstyle that’s unique and beautiful!

3. Keep Calm

Keep Calm - Hair Lounge Nj

Your peace of mind is worth more than anything else!! I know from current experience that, as a bride, there is a million things running through our minds at all times! Having a trial is a really nice way to put some of those troubles to rest. Seeing your hair and makeup will ease your mind and make you feel like one hectic thing is crossed off your never-ending to-do list!

4. Be Prepared

Be Prepared - Hair Salon Nj

Ok, this one is not just for you; it’s also for your stylist. When you take the time to have a trial with us, it really helps the stylist to be prepared in what to expect the day of your wedding. This way, we know what products we need to have been ready for your hair. We also get a chance to discuss what you need to do to your hair the 24 hours leading up to the wedding! We do always recommend booking a blowout for the day before (so your hair is clean and prepped with our products beforehand). This way, no time will be wasted the morning of! We know exactly what we’re using and how we’re styling to give you the same look you loved on the day of your trial.

5. Get Excited!!

Get Excited - Le Palais Hair Lounge

DUH! Having your hair done all nice is the perfect reason to have date night with your new fiancé. I’m telling you, the trial alone will most likely bring tears to your eyes. You’re going to get so excited looking at yourself in the mirror thinking “wow; this is what I’m going to look like when I say ‘I do’.” It’s such a magical feeling having that visual and to really have something to look forward to within the next few months.

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