5 Reasons You Should Let Us Blow Your Hair Out After Your Haircut

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Blow Hair Out After Haircut - Le Palais Hair Salon Nj

Let me just start off by saying, at Le Palais your blowout is included in the price of your haircut! If that alone doesn’t give you enough urge to let us blow it dry after, then I’ve got 5 more reasons up my sleeve! I know sometimes it seems impossible to stay sitting for another 10-15 minutes, but you really should!

1. See the Potential

Hair Potential, Blowout - Le Palais Hair Salon Nj

This is huge! You should want to see your beautiful new hair! Aside from your cut, you also might have just changed the color! This is the perfect time to see your hair’s potential! Plus, as I mentioned before, it’s included in your price! You might as well get your money’s worth and take full advantage of this gorgeous blowout we can give you!

2. Tweak Things

Blow Dry Hair - Le Palais Hair Salon Nj

When you let us blow dry your hair, not only do you get to see the potential of your haircut; you also get to see things you may not particularly like! When your hair is dry, stylists are able to see where changes need to be made. We can tweak your bangs, make sure everything is even, and thinned out to your liking! This is essential to ensure you’re happy before you leave the chair!

3. Product Recommendation

Hair Products - Le Palais Hair Lounge Nj

During the blowout is when we get to discuss all your likes and dislikes about your everyday look. Here is when you can talk about whether you feel your hair is too dry or too frizzy. Once we really get our hands into your hair, we can evaluate exactly what your mane needs to create the perfect style for you! Don’t let all the time we spend learning about product knowledge go to waste! Let us help point you in the direction of your dream product that you’ve been missing out on!

4. Learn How to DIY

Diy Hair Blow Dry - Le Palais Hair Salon Nj

Stop watching a bunch of 14 year old curling their hair in their bedrooms on YouTube! We are the professionals here! Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist how to blow dry your hair to get the same look we do! Not only can we recommend the perfect product, we also know so many shortcuts on how to achieve the look of a salon blowout with only half the effort! Use your time in the chair to ask us questions, and we’ll show you how to feel comfortable with a blow dryer in your hand. You’ll thank us when your friends are asking about your voluptuous do, and you’re bragging about how you did it on your own!

5. Get Styling Tips

Styling Tips - Le Palais Hair Salon Nj

If you’re as much of Game of Thrones fan as me, you’ve dreamt of Khaleesi braids at least once! After letting us dry your hair, take a few minutes to stay in your seat and let’s talk about a couple of hair hacks! Stylists are usually the laziest with their own hair so take it from us when we show you how to make your hair look cute in a pinch! Stay tuned for my 1st blog in November because it’s going to be all about ways to make your salon blowout last even longer!

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