5 Reasons We Love Pumpkin Spice Hair

Pumpkin Spice Hair Le Palais Hair Salon NJ

At this point in 2016, if you’re so much as breathing, you’ve heard about the pumpkin spice craze. Well, I’m here to tell you that not only is it delicious in your pies, lattes, and candles, it also happens to look amazing on hair! Hearing your stylist speak all this jargon to you about warm tones and cool tones can be a bit overwhelming, which is why I think it’s fun coming up with these catchy names! Let’s go over a few ideas that I’m “seeing-red” over this fall!

1. Make Sure It’s the Right Tone for You

Pumpkin Spice Hair Le Palais Hair Salon NJ
It’s definitely tough picking out the right hair colour to match your skin tone, but that’s what we’re here for! Colorists are trained to know the colour wheel like the back of their hand! Dealing with reds is a lot more complex than it sounds, there’s just so many options! From warm orange-y reds to cool violet-y reds, they look different on everyone! Trust in your colourist to consult with you, so we can mix up the perfect custom red just for you!

2. Be Bold – Make a Statement

Pumpkin Spice Hair Le Palais Hair Salon NJ

Now is the perfect time to change it up! Fall is such an inspiring time for everyone – out with the old, in with the new! With reds, you can go as bold or as subtle as you’d like! If you’re feeling a little nervous, start with some red highlights and see how you like it. You never know, within a few weeks you just might unleash your inner ginger!

3. Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance!


This is something to deeply consider before trying red hair! Most stylists will tell you that red is the hardest colour to maintain, they’re not entirely lying. Yes, reds do tend to have more upkeep due to fading and loss of vibrancy, but with the correct colour shampoo and proper appointment booking, it should be a breeze!

4. Maybe Fading Isn’t Such a Bad Thing After All

This goes back to my whole “going red gradually” thing. Let’s say, worst-case scenario, you get red highlights and you’re not as big of a fan as you thought! Well, because reds fade so quickly, they’re generally easy to get rid of! You have two main options: A. Cover it all up and go dark or B. (my favorite) Let nature run its course and let your red fade on its own. This may sound really strange, but it’s not! Red hair is in the middle of the colour wheel so in order to get there you pass through an array of beautiful colours. Letting your hair fade out on its own could leave you with this gorgeous colour that you just can’t get from a tube of hair colour! Who knows, you might start a whole new trend on your own!

5. Reds Have More Fun

Pumpkin Spice Hair Le Palais Hair Salon NJ

Forget what they say about blondes (watch it, I’m a blonde). Reds definitely have more fun!! I’m totally envious of the fact that redheads can walk into a room and make a statement without saying a word! There’s something about a beautiful girl with red hair that just screams “I’m confident!” People will automatically notice you and this time it won’t be for the toilet paper stuck to your shoe! Red hair is the perfect accessory to rock this fall/holiday season. Below I’ve attached a simple chart I’ve made to show off the best colours to wear in order to compliment your new pumpkin spice hair!

It’s always helpful (and encouraged) to pull not just one, but many pictures of hair that inspire you for your consultation! With more pictures, stylists are able to pick out a similarity (or maybe a difference) between all of them. Pictures open up the conversation between client and colourist so that they’re able to really discuss and focus on the main goal of the appointment.

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