Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Pre-Book Your Appointment

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Definitely Pre-Book Your Appointment

Schedules are tough! Between work, family, and personal obligations, fitting everything in can sometimes seem impossible! What if I told you that we could help take a little load off your shoulders?! This week’s blog is about something that’s very near and dear to our hearts here at Le Palais… pre-booking your hair appointment! Although many clients do pre-book, a lot still do not because they simply don’t understand all the amazing benefits! Well, I’m here to explain to you all the reasons why you should pre-book from now on!

1. Your Time is Valuable

Pre-Book Your Appointment - Time Is Valuable

You’ve got so much to do already; pre-booking crosses one thing off your to-do list right from the start! Your daily planner is already full enough, when you book before even leaving the salon, you get your first choice appointment date and time! Not only does this make scheduling content writers easier for you, but also for your stylist. When your stylist is present while you’re booking, they are able to put you incorrectly and dedicate enough time to you and you only!

2. Busy Season

Pre-Book Your Appointment- Busy Season

Not just our busy season, your busy season! Holidays is just as crazy for you as they are for us!! Stylists try to make themselves as available as possible, extending their hours to fit every client in, but it’s still hard! Plus, you’re going to want to look your best at all times. You’ve got lots of things going on this time of year, the last thing you need to be worrying about is those pesky greys coming back the morning of something special! You need to make sure you get yourself in our books so that you’re not dealing with my next point below!

3. Save Yourself the Frantic Call


We all know what busy season means! Since there’re so many holidays and holiday parties, everyone is trying to get in at once! We’ve all had to make that frantic phone call saying, “please, please, pleeease fit me in whenever you can!” When you pre-book your appointment, you never will have to make that call again! You’re able to plan ahead and schedule a time that works for you and when you need your hair done!

4. Maintain Your Style

Pre-Booking Your Appointment - Maintain Your Style

This one is super important! When you’re pre-booking your appointment, you’re allowing your stylist to put your appointment in how they see fit. As stylists, we can determine how quickly your hair is growing, and we can predict when your next appointment should be! This saves you, and your stylist, a huge headache! This way, no one has to worry about your hair becoming too long, too full, or too rooty! It’ll be easier for you to style in the meantime between appointments, and it allows stylists to keep up with your regrowth properly! By booking your appointment in advance, you’re able to get in right on schedule too.

5. Budget Accordingly

Pre-Book Your Appointment - Budget Accordingly

We’re the first to know that keeping yourself looking beautiful can come at a cost! When you pre-book your appointment, you give yourself a chance to budget yourself! One hundred and fifty dollars don’t sound so scary when you stretch it out over 6 weeks! When you do the math, that comes to $25.00 a week, which is only $3.00 a day! All you have to do is cut out your morning coffee and your hair is all paid for!

I hope that this blog has helped open your mind to pre-booking your appointment! Below I’ve typed up a simple chart for you so it’s easier for you to understand when to come in for your next appointment!

These are suggested pre-book times for listed services:

**These estimates are very general. Your specific needs are to be discussed with your stylist**

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