5 Reasons to Join Our Blow Out Club

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Blow Out Club - Le PalaisAs a stylist, I can’t tell how many times we have heard at the end of a haircut, “I wish I could take you home with me to style my hair every morning!” Well, guess what?! I’m here to tell you that we can style your hair every day at a very reasonable cost! If you haven’t already heard about our Blow Out Club, this blog is for you! Before I get into the 5 reasons why you should join, let me give you a couple of details. Our contracts are offered in six-month increments at $89.99 per month, plus a $89.99 sign-up fee for your initial registration. Within this contract, you will be offered 12 blowouts per month (three blowouts per week). We are open 6 days a week and there is always someone available to do your blowout! The good news doesn’t stop there; I’ve only just begun!

1. Save Money


We’ve done the math for you! An average blowout at Le Palais starts at $30. For $89.99 a month, you are allotted 12 blowouts – that comes out to only $8 per blowout! Absolutely crazy! We have a large clientele who comes in for full-price blowouts once a week, but with the Blowout Club, you’re getting so much more each month for just the price of two!

2. Spend Less on Products


If you’ve heard this from us once, you’ve heard it a million times –you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day! With the blowout club, you don’t have to wash your hair at all! Let us do it…three times a week is more than enough. Not only will you be saving on shampoo; you’ll also save on all your styling products!

3. Save Time


Whether you’ve got somewhere special to go or not, we’ve got you covered! We offer appointments every day as early as 8 AM and most nights as late as 9 PM. You can even come in before you head off to work (don’t worry, we have coffee). We’ve perfected our blowouts so that we’re done in just 30 minutes or less. There is always someone available so you never have to worry about getting an appointment!

4. Look Amazing All the Time


Trust me, people will notice! When you start showing up to work and parties with this voluptuous blowout all the time, your friends and family will be impressed! Most of our current club members are by referral so don’t be surprised when your friends want in on your little secret! As an added bonus, when you refer a friend who signs up for the Blowout Club, you get a month FREE! The more clients you refer, the more months you get!

5. Healthier Hair


When we do our own hair, we tend to wash it, roughly blow it dry, and then use a hot tool to add curl or straighten. With the Blowout Club, none of that is necessary! Stylists will use nothing but the blow dryer and thermal round brush to create your custom look. Whether you like your hair sleek or curly, you will absolutely notice a difference in the health of your hair within the first month alone!

Between Chelsea, Lindsey, and Maureen, someone will always be available for you! With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to join! What could possibly be better than having good hair all the time at such a reasonable cost?! Heck, I’d join myself if I could! Stop in today and get more details from our receptionists. We know you won’t be disappointed!

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