5 Things You Need to Know About Tape-In Extensions

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Tape-In Extensions Le Palais Hair Salon Nj

It’s only normal that we’ve all dreamed about having longer, thicker hair. Looking for answers on the internet on how to achieve that beloved Victoria’s Secret hair can be overwhelming. I bet throughout your research, you’ve come across the strange word “tape-in extensions.” Well good news is – Great Lengths just came out with brand new tape-ins and I’m here to tell you all about them!

What Are They Anyway?

The thought of having human hair taped into your own natural hair probably sounds scary, right? Well, it’s really not! Think of a clip-in extension – it’s the same 1-2 inches wide but with double sided keratin tape. The hairstylist will section your hair, take 2 extensions and sandwich your hair between them! On average, it takes about 40 extensions (20 “sandwiches”) to get your hair to prime fullness! Here are a couple of things you should know before booking your consultation appointment!

1. Save Money

Save Money On Tape-In Extension

This is our favorite of all! You can stop buying the horse shampoo and hair vitamins, dedicate some money to having your 1st application of tape-in extensions, and the rest is cake from there! Your first appointment will of course be most expensive, but after that, it’s about the cost of having your hair highlighted!

2. Last Longer

Tape-In Extension Last Longer

Not only are tape-in extensions the fastest extensions for us as stylists to apply, they also last the longest! Other types of extensions last only 4 weeks or so before needing maintenance. With tape-in extensions, you’re doubling that at 6-8 weeks before coming back into the salon! They’re also reusable! After your initial application, about 6 weeks will pass and you’ll be in for a touch up appointment where the extensions will be removed, and placed back into your hair closer to the root.

3 Highlights Without Damage

Highlights Without Damage

That’s right! You can highlight your hair without damage! Want to go a little lighter but not sure whether or not your hair can take the chemicals? That’s no problem anymore with tape-in extensions! There is such a wide variety of colors that you and your stylist will select based on which highlight suits you! They even come in ombre!!!

4. Fashion Colors

Fashion Colors Le Palai Hair Lounge Nj

Add a pop of color!! Great Lengths even created a line of fashion colors! Guess what else – they have pastels!! Now we all know how high-maintenance fashion colors can be; it’s constantly fading, needing to be prelightened and colored all over again! With tape-in fashion colors, none of that is necessary! Colors are ranging anywhere between pinks, blues, purples, green, reds, and oranges! Any color is possible, and you can add as many or as little as you like!

5. Easy to Care For

Hair Care Le Palais Hair Salon Nj

Compared to usual bonded extensions, tape-ins are much easier to care for! Although you will need to brush your hair twice a day to avoid tangling, you can brush without virtually any worry! Because they lay so flat to your head, and they’re constantly being readjusted, you won’t have to be as gentle! 

Sashia and Lindsey are both certified in Great Lengths extensions! Book your consultation today and see for yourself how much they’ll change your life!

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