5 Things to Consider Before Trying Fringe this Fall

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With new seasons, come new ideas. We’d all be lying if we said we weren’t sometimes tempted to try bangs. If you’ve been in the salon within this past week, you might’ve noticed Michelle is rocking some brandy new fringe! Well, she inspired me so now here I am to give you the 5 main things to consider before you get bangs this fall!

1. Bangs only look high maintenance

Bangs Looks High Maintenance-Fringe Le Palais Hair Salon NjI made this number one because it’s my favorite, and possibly the most convincing, reason of all. If you’ve got your mind made up that bangs are going to be too much maintenance for you, think again! I’m telling you, bangs are possibly the easiest style to maintain! Today was finally supposed to be shampoo day, but now you’re running late? Just wet down your bang area with one of Bumble and bumble’s primers, run a blow-dryer over them really quick, throw the rest of your hair in a loose chignon, and you’re out the door! You will look like you put a lot of effort into your hair, but it’ll be our little secret that you only woke up 30 minutes ago!

2. Fringe holds the power of change

Fringe Holds The Power Of Change - Le Palais Hair Salon NjIf you’re going through a transitional time in your life, nasty breakup, new school/job, or maybe you’re just bored – bangs are the perfect way to completely change up your look! It’s a whole new style without the full commitment of cutting off all of your hair.

3. You can still rock bangs with curly hair

Rock Bangs With Curly Hair Fringe - Le Palais Hair Salon NjMost of you curly girls will automatically assume that you can never have bangs but it’s quite the contrary; they can actually be really cute. Letting your bangs flow naturally gives a fun, romantic look. If you feel like smoothing them, you have the option of blow drying just your bang and leaving the rest of your hair curly! It’s honestly one of my favorite looks because it’s the best of both worlds! (I’m forever jealous)

4. They will highlight your best features

They Will Highlight Your Best Feature - Rock Bangs With Curly Hair Fringe - Le Palais Hair Salon NjBangs have the ability to let our most gorgeous qualities shine! Forget about the fact that you think you have a big forehead or that you have a widows peak you want covered, let’s focus on the positive stuff… When a straight bang lays right over those beautiful brows, your eyes really pop! They will look bigger, brighter, and you will instantly look younger!!

5. Let a pro do the work!

Let A Pro Do The Work - They Will Highlight Your Best Feature - Rock Bangs With Curly Hair Fringe - Le Palais Hair Salon NjNever, I repeat, NEVER EVER, cut your bangs yourself. I know after watching a couple of video tutorials, it looks really easy, but you’re going to want to leave this one to us! There’s only one real way to fix jacked up bangs: let them grow. It takes a lot of precision when cutting bangs –how thick they are, which direction they’re cut to be styled, texturizing, etc. A lot of details go into the consultation of a professional bang trim; it might seem a little overboard but it’s for a good reason. The best way to cut bangs is to let someone else do it! Heck, I do this for a living and even I don’t cut my own bangs!

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