5 Toothbrush Beauty Hacks

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5 Toothbrush Beauty Hacks - Le Palais Hair Lounge

Call me crazy all you want but did you know how many more ways you can be using your toothbrush?! From now on, they’re not just for fresh breath in the morning!

1. Fly Aways

Fly Aways - Le Palais Hair Lounge

Spray hairspray on an old toothbrush and use it tame that pesky fly away. Sometimes using a big comb can mess up your pony tail and cause a straight-up mess on the back. Using a tiny, soft toothbrush can do just the trick, without the lumps and bumps.

2. Unruly Brows

Unruly Brows - Le Palais Hair Lounge

Use the toothbrush the same way as previously stated. Didn’t know you could use hairspray on your eyebrows? Why not?! It gives them hold they need, especially when you’ve been putting off your wax appointment! They won’t move out of place for the rest of the day!!

3. Hairdryer Vent

Hairdryer Vent - Le Palais Hair Lounge

It’s so important to maintain your blow dryer. I mean they’re an expensive piece of equipment! Why wouldn’t you? Lint caught up in the back of your blow dryer will really take a toll on your motor. The lint causes the blow dryer to work harder sucking air in and blowing it back out. Use a toothbrush to de-lint the back of your dryer so it dries your hair faster.

4. Tease Your Hair

Tease Your Hair - Le Palais Hair Lounge

This little trick is a major life saver. It’s obvious that toothbrushes have been much softer bristles than teasing combs so it only makes sense that they’d be more gentle on your hair. Not only that but the boar bristles brushes are crazy expensive, you’re saving yourself a good $70!! Woo-hoo!

5. Nail Art

Nail Art - Le Palais Hair Lounge

This one is so cool! Pour a couple of different color nail polishes out onto a paper plate. Give yourself a base coat of any color you wish – white, pink, black, blue, etc. Let your nails dry a bit then dip the toothbrush bristles into the nail polish, and splatter painted your nails!! It gives a really cool painter’s vibe. To get rid of all that rough texture, go over it with a coat or two of top coat.

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