5 Healthy, Happy Choices

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5 Healthy, Happy Choices

It’s been absolutely gorgeous out the last few weeks. It looks like we’re going to be lucky (knock on wood) and skate out of winter without any bad weather. I know I’m not the only one craving some sunshine. With the beginning of March brings hope for the spring!! Read on for some of my favorite ways to start being happier as we soon wave goodbye to winter.

1. Amp up Monday Make-Up Routine

Amp Up Monday Make-Up Routine

Studies show that women feel the worst on Mondays. It’s no surprise why, the 1st day of the workweek seems daunting, and you just can’t wait until the weekend. Well, shake off those Monday blues and start feeling prettier!! Why not go more dramatic on your makeup? Make your eyes bigger and brighter by swinging your mascara wand towards your nose instead for a fun star burst effect (very Twiggy looking). And don’t be afraid to rock some red lips on Monday morning! It could become your new thing!!

2. Address Bothersome Cosmetic Issues

Address Bothersome Cosmetic Issues

One word – Botox. I know this B word can be a little scary to some of us, but it’s really not as bad as it sounds. Nobody wants to look like they’re surprised all the time! So as an alternative, request small dose treatments to soften any unwanted lines while still being able to move your face. Give it a try, there’s no shame whatsoever and hey, you might love it!!

3. Regular Facials

Regular Facials

The truth is none of us are probably getting as many facials as we should be. Estheticians recommend scheduling one facial every season because of all the changes that our skin goes through during the transitional weather. In the winter, we’re dry, summer; we’re oily. So before either one changes, getting a facial will really help to maintain the pH balance of our skin. Facials can improve your skin’s texture as well as unclog those nasty pores.

4. Stretch


It seems pretty simple, right? Then why don’t we do it more?! Get your blood pumping from the moment you wake up in the morning! I’m always checking out Pinterest to get new ideas. One is to hop out of bed and do a couple of slow lunges. Not enough to make you work up a sweat or anything, just to jumpstart your day and get those muscles moving! My other favorite is to stand up straight and pull my arms over my head slowly and count to 10 about 10 times. I love this one because it gets my arms ready to hold a blow dryer for 8 hours!!

5. Drink More Water

Drink More Water

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again! We need to be drinking more water. Not only is it good for hydrating you and keeping you awake all day long, it can also help you eat less. Drinking water will trick your belly into thinking it’s fuller longer. Increasing your water by 1% will reduce your caloric intake up to 200 calories per day!! Water will also help to lower sugar, fat, sodium, and cholesterol. What more is there to think about??

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