5 Ways to Make Your Blow Out Last

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5 Ways To Make Your Blow Out Last - Nj, Le Palais Hair Lounge


Today I’m writing to you about how to make your blowout last longer! This is something I think is really important for every woman to know because, let’s be honest, we spend a lot of money on our hair. If you learn the tricks to make that beautiful style last longer, you’ll be getting even more bang for your buck!! After reading this, I promise you will be rocking your blowout for days!

1. Sleep Right

I made this number one because it’s the most important of all! It’s crazy to think you could sleep sitting up. I, personally, like to sleep with my hair up, out of my face, and of my neck. The trick to it is something you probably left back in the 90s! (You know, next to your crimper!) A Scrunchie!! Using an elastic hair tie is going to leave your hair creased and flat in the morning, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid. Bringing back the Scrunchie is going to save you one major headache! You’ll know what I’m talking about as soon as you wake up in the morning with the same perfectly bouncy curls.

2. Retouch

It’s important to have the right products and tools to retouch your blowout. Bumble and bumble makes three different primer products: Prep, Tonic, and Hair Dresser’s Invisible Oil. Your stylist will recommend which one is best for you based on your hair! These primers have some seriously magical qualities. When you wake up and everything is perfect, but your bangs are laying a little flat, spray on some of your primers and run a blow dryer over them again. Primers are formulated to remember the original style of the hair! You will be amazed at what this quick little tip will do for the life of your blowout.

3. Shower Right

This may sound like an obvious one but trust me, it’s crucial! Invest in a cheap shower cap! I know you’ve heard from us a million reasons why you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day anyway, so now you really won’t be tempted to! It sounds easy to shower without getting your hair wet, but it’s actually really hard. You’re going to love wearing a shower cap because it saves you so much time and works.

4. Style Right

So maybe your blowout isn’t as fresh as it was 3 days ago. Styling the right way is key at this point. Check out our salon’s Instagram or everyone’s favorite Pinterest! Look up some easy how-to’s to make your hair stylish all over again! You can add a bump in the front, braid your bangs back, tease the crown, and wear it half up… The possibilities are endless. I’m the queen of lazy girl hair, so take this one from me!! These styles are super cute and super easy. It’ll be our little secret because everyone else is going to think you tried way harder than you had to.

5. Refresh

Bb-Pret-A-PowderYou were supposed to wash your hair this morning, but you accidentally slept in way late. Not to worry, this is where my very best friend comes into play – DRY SHAMPOO!! Bumble and bumble’s Prêt-á-Powder is your lifesaver… this morning and every late morning to come! All it takes is a couple of puffs in the usually greasy spots – bangs, crown area, and along the hairline. It comes out so light and airy. It might make your hair look a little lighter, so simply rub it in, and you’re good to go!

One main reason why clients come to us to have their hair styled is because of how long their style lasts! What if I told you that you could give yourself a blowout, and it would last just as long? Well, you can! Although we have a never-ending library of products to use, you only need a select few! Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist questions on how to do your own blowout! We are more than happy to help show you the ropes. We can also get you started on a product goal list. This way, you and your stylist can determine which products are most important and start building your at-home library from there!! No matter what you do, you’ll look beautiful, and always remember the best accessory you can wear is your confidence!!

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