How to Make Your Curls Last Longer

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How To Make Your Curls Last Longer-Brielle, Nj

Do you know what’s better than beautiful, bouncy curls? Beautiful and bouncy curls that last all day long! Well you’re in luck because today I’m sharing 5 tips on how to make this dream a reality!

1. It’s All in the Prep

When you take time in your prep, it cuts your styling time in half! When you are cursed with thin hair, like myself, curls can seem impossible. My whole world changed when I was introduced to Bumble and bumble’s Surf family! The shampoo and conditioner give my hair just the right amount of grit and volume so that my curls are able to hold on! There is also so much importance in using a primer every day! Bumble and bumble make 3 different kinds, Prep, Tonic, and HIO. Each for a different type of hair texture; thin virgin hair, normal to dry hair, and coarse curly hair (respectively). Primers will even your hair’s porosity and make curling even easier, they also have the magic power of revitalizing your hair the next day. Simply spray wherever necessary, blow dry, and re-curl the areas and your hair will be looking fresher than before!

Curls Primers-Brielle, Nj

2. Using the Right Size Barrel

This one seems like an obvious one, but it’s really not! A huge culprit to why your curls might not be holding is the fact that you might be using the wrong barrel size! Surprisingly enough, you’re better off going smaller than too big! The tighter the curl, the better chance it has to hold. One of my favorite tricks that I always tell my prom girls, brides, and bridesmaids is to go with a tight curl, spray it really well, then mess it all up and comb the curls out with your fingers!

Curling Iron-Brielle,Nj

3. The Proper Products

This goes back to what I mentioned in tip number one. When you use the proper products on your hair, you can do anything you want to with your hair! As I mentioned, my thin hair requires as much texture as I can get. That’s not to say everyone’s hair does though. Finding out which products work best for you will open up your world to whole new possibilities on what you can do. Ask your stylist and listen to their advice on what you should be using.

Curls Products-Brielle, Nj

4. Let Them Cool

Want to know the secret to good curls? Letting them cool!!! So many women are mistaken, thinking that the hotter the curling iron, the better the curls. This is actually a myth. To cause the least amount of damage, you should be using the lowest heat setting with any hot tool. Not only that but it’s actually while your hair is cooling when the curl is setting itself! That’s why when we’ve finished your blowout, we’ll often do a quick shot of cool air all over! When you’re curling your hair, try not to fuss with them so much while they’re still warm. Instead, try pinning a few signature curls (ones around your face) up while they cool! Once you’re all finished, remove pins and tousle your hair up.

Cooling Curls-Brielle, Nj

5. Your Hair Still Won’t Curl?

I’m sorry girly but if your hair still won’t curl that means it’s screaming SOS! Damaged hair will not curl, end of the story. Whether your hair is over processed or simply has a ton of split ends, it’s probably time for a trim. Haircuts don’t have to be scary!! At Le Palais, we pride ourselves on giving our clients exactly what they want, and if you tell any of us that you don’t want to cut too much hair off, we will listen to you! I promise your hair will thank you after a good, healthy trim.

Curls Damaged Hair-Brielle, Nj

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