Spring Fashion Ideas

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Spring Fashion Ideas - Hair Lounge Brielle, Nj

It looks like we’ve managed to sneak out with a fairly mild winter and finally, spring has sprung!! Spring and fall are two transitional seasons where it’s often hard figuring out what to wear. Most days the weather in the morning differs from the afternoon, it gets too hot, too windy, too rainy, or too chilly. Luckily, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite fashion ideas to wear for spring that is equally as cute as they are comfortable! This outfit here is going to be my inspiration for the rest of the blog. I’m going to break it down piece by piece so you can stock up on each of the basics.

1. Colored Jeans

Colored Jeans - Le Palais Brielle Nj

Much to my surprise, a lot of women think for some strange reason that they can’t pull off colored jeans. If this applies to you, I want you to know that it is a crazy myth, and I need you to rid that voice from your mind! Colored jeans are so fun any time in the year. Honestly, I have 5 or 6 pairs. If I’m not in the salon, I’m likely wearing something colorful, I can’t get enough of them!!

2. Light Scarf

Light Scarf - Le Palais Hair Salon Brielle, Nj

I love a good light scarf, so much so, that I’ve got an entire drawer full. They come in so many colors, and they’re always inexpensive enough. Target and Old Navy are two of my favorite places to haul a few. I say light because they’re more for fashion than they are to keep warm! Whether your style is stripes, polka dots, floral, or paisley, there’s sure to be a scarf you’ll love.

3. Floral Flats

Floral Flats - Salon Brielle, Nj

Just like the scarf, these are the best wardrobe staples. Depending on whether they have a dark or lighter background, you could technically wear floral flats all year round. They’re the perfect addition to any outfit to add a pop of color! As you probably already know, we wear all black at Le Palais. Floral flats are one of my favorite ways to brighten up a black wardrobe, so I don’t feel like I’m covered in black from head to toe, literally!

4. Anorak Jacket

Anorak Jacket - Le Palais Hair Lounge Brielle, Nj

I absolutely love these jackets!! They come in a variety of colors; I happen to have 2 of them myself: khaki and army green. This is the best for spring and fall because they’re light enough so that you don’t get warm but will also keep a chill away if it gets a little windy out. Anorak jackets are becoming more and more popular. I’m seeing them in magazines and on Pinterest all the time! Have you seen the vests too?? They’re cute too for when it’s really warm out!

5. Oversized Crossbody

Oversized Crossbody - Beauty Tips Brielle, Nj

Crossbodies are the best for when you’re on the go! They wrap right around you so your hands are totally free. It’s important to get an oversized one, but not too big. Women like myself have this problem where the more room you have in your bag, the more things you’ll find to put inside!

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