Prom 2017 Hottest Hairstyles

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Prom 2017 Hair Styles

Prom can be stressful enough for a teenage girl, striving to find the perfect dress, date, limo, makeup, and hair! At Le Palais, we want it to be as easy for you as possible! I’ve compiled a list of 2017’s hottest prom hairstyles, and I’m sharing them with you here to reference back to!

1. Glam Waves
Glam Waves - Hair Salon, Brielle Nj

The easiest and most effortless hairstyles can go a long way. You want the focus to be on YOU! Your hairstyle should complement your gorgeous gown, and that’s why I always suggest perfect glamour waves. You’ll need lots and lots of hairspray to pull this hairstyle off! Your stylist might make your curls a little tighter at first, so as the night goes on, your hair will loosen up and your curls will fall! It’s the perfect way to show off the long hair you’ve been growing out!

2. Mermaid Braids

Mermaid Braid - Le Palais Hair Lounge, Nj

Let’s face it. We all want to be Queen Elsa. I mean, that sparkly gown that braid! So why not recreate that look for prom night?! This is a fairly simple up do, but do keep in mind that you will need more than enough hair for it!! Your hair has to be extra-thick and long. Your stylist can create this look in many ways, and there are so many variations and tiny details you can change to make this mermaid braid your very own – adding flowers, wearing it on the side, leaving looser curls out – the list goes on!

3. Slicked Back Ponytail

Ponytail - Le Palais, Brielle Nj

Why mess with a classic? Another beautiful compliment to your gown, this sleek and elegant look is sure to turn heads all night long. One of the many reasons I love this style is because it’s so understated that it can be dressed up as much as you want! With this, you really have the power to do any earrings you want and go totally dramatic with your makeup!

4. Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail - Brielle Nj

This is a modern twist on the traditional pony tail. If you’re wearing a simple dress, this is the perfect hairstyle to liven it up!! Inspired by Princess Jasmine, the bubble pony tail is edgy, yet totally chic all at the same time. Wearing it high or low, switch it up and go for this one – everyone will be asking you about it!

5. Romantically Twisted Bun

Twisted Updo - Hair Salon, Nj

This will forever be one of my favorites. No matter, how many fun hairstyles come and go every year; a romantic chignon always remains in-style! You can wear this sexy or sweet as you like; it really is a bun for everyone. It seems to me like I never see the same Pinterest twice for this romantic bun. Celebrities are constantly changing it up and finding different ways to rock it, and you can too!

Don’t Forget…

I want to mention really quickly that pictures are encouraged!!! The more pictures you find, the better idea we, as stylists, have to give you exactly what you want. Keep in mind that you should be realistic, finding hair that looks to be about the same length and density as your own. One more thing to remember, ladies: Prom is supposed to be a fun time!! It’s a night where you, and all your friends dress up and dance the night away! Don’t get yourself too stressed; all the tiny details will work themselves out, and you’ll have a great time!! Have a blast!

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