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5 Ways to Grow Long, Natural Hair - Le Palais Hair Lounge, NJ

5 Ways to Grow Long, Natural Hair

By Tiffany Oborne / November 30, 2016

Every year, the same pattern happens time and time again. Just before the summertime, ladies (including myself) come to the salon dying to cut all their hair off. Then of course, come wintertime, we’re all regretting it and wishing our hair would just grow already! Although our hair grows at an average rate of ½…

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5 Habits that are Actually Hurting Your Skin Le Palais Hair Lounge - Brielle, NJ

5 Habits That Are Actually Hurting Your Skin

By Tiffany Oborne / November 16, 2016

We’ve all got some bad habits, don’t we? Statistics show that in just 30 days you can make or break a habit, so I’ve gathered up 5 of the worst ones for your skin that you might be making – some of which you might not even be conscious of! Make sure you’re not making…

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5 How-To’s More Beautiful You Over-Night

5 How-To’s for a More Beautiful You Over-Night

By Tiffany Oborne / November 9, 2016

We spend 8 hours of our day asleep (if we’re lucky). Now that can seem like time wasted to some, but from now on it’s a time to get beautiful! We multitask all day long, so why not while we’re in bed?! Before hitting the sack, try these 5 easy how-to’s and thank me in…

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5 Ways to Make Your Blow Out Last - NJ, Le Palais Hair Lounge

5 Ways to Make Your Blow Out Last

By Tiffany Oborne / November 2, 2016

  Today I’m writing to you about how to make your blow out last longer! This is something I think is really important for every woman to know because let’s be honest, we spend a lot of money on our hair. If you learn the tricks to make that beautiful style last longer, you’ll be…

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5 Beauty Tricks and Treats to Try this Halloween - Le Palais Hair Salon NJ

5 Beauty Tricks & Treats to Try This Halloween

By Tiffany Oborne / October 26, 2016

I cannot believe we’re already this far into the year but we are less than one week away from Halloween!! Since this funky holiday falls on a week night this year, we get to celebrate all weekend long!! I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween myself but I do find it quite fun to…

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5 Reasons You Should Let Us Blow Your Hair Out After Your Haircut - Le Palais Hair Salon NJ

5 Reasons You Should Let Us Blow Your Hair Out After Your Haircut

By Tiffany Oborne / October 18, 2016

Let me just start off by saying, at Le Palais your blowout is included in the price of your haircut! If that alone doesn’t give you enough urge to let us blow it dry after, then I’ve got 5 more reasons up my sleeve! I know sometimes it seems impossible to stay sitting for another…

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Pumpkin Spice Hair Le Palais Hair Salon NJ

5 Reasons We Love Pumpkin Spice Hair

By Tiffany Oborne / October 5, 2016

At this point in 2016, if you’re so much as breathing, you’ve heard about the pumpkin spice craze. Well, I’m here to tell you that not only is it delicious in your pies, lattes, and candles, it also happens to look amazing on hair! Hearing your stylist speak all this jargon to you about warm…

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Tape-In Extensions Le Palais Hair Salon NJ

5 Things You Need to Know About Tape-In Extensions

By Tiffany Oborne / September 21, 2016

It’s only normal that we’ve all dreamed about having longer, thicker hair. Looking for answers on the internet on how to achieve that beloved Victoria’s Secret hair can be overwhelming. I bet throughout your research, you’ve come across the strange word “tape-in extensions.” Well good news is – Great Lengths just came out with brand…

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Use Only Professional TIGI Makeup for Daily Use

Should I Use Professional TIGI Makeup for Daily Use?

By Amanda Gomes / September 6, 2016

It’s really easy to appreciate actors and actresses when you see them on the catwalk or the TV when they are adorned with professional makeup. But should individuals use professional products such as TIGI makeup? Should regular guys and gals invest in costly makeup that is usually used only in salons or by the rich…

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Boudoir session - Le Palais Hair Laounge, NJ

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Experience a Boudoir Session

By Tiffany Oborne / September 2, 2016

We’ve all seen these pictures online, women we may or may not know looking absolutely perfect in every picture. I bet the thought of stripping down to your knickers in front of a total stranger sounds terrifying and you’ve probably convinced yourself you don’t need one or you won’t look good — Well I’m here…

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